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  • DIMENSION SQUAREDThe genuine BOSS and Roland Dimension effect is back, and it’s now more versatile than ever! Designed in the premium Waza Craft analog tradition,...
    Art nr. DC-2W
    2 430:-
  • The Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay packs organic analog warmth, shimmery modulation, and ease of use into an MXR mini housing with a Bright switch for additional s...
    Art nr. POL156014
    2 250:-
  • The super popular Jerry Cantrell Cry Baby Wah just got amakeover, and it’s all about going back to the riff master’s Seattleroots. The distressed black finish rec...
    Art nr. POL156011
    2 295:-
  • Designed in conjunction with Shin Suzuki, Japan’s most celebrated amp and pedal designer, this pedal reinvents two iconic Japanese stompboxes—an overdrive and a d...
    Art nr. POL156013
    1 895:-
  • This is the overdrive pedal that THEY don’t want you to know about! Developed in total secrecy by a shadowy organization embedded deep within the deepest of state...
    Art nr. POL156015
    1 895:-
  • TSV808 - Vemuram/Ibanez Tube Screamer Ibanez och Vemuram sammarbete - världens bästa Tube Screamer? Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808 känner alla till, världens mest k...
    Art nr. 311092092610
    5 350:-
  • HX Stomp Step BeyondHX Stomp™ is a professional-grade guitar processor that delivers the sound of Helix® amps, cabs, and effects in an ultra-compact pedal. Whethe...
    Art nr. GHXSTOMP
    5 590:-
  • Obtain the unobtainable. The MOOER BLUENO contains 2 channels that have been directly sampled from a hand-built, 36W Class A masterpiece that some have hailed as ...
    Art nr. 981701
  • The CUSTOM 100 is modelled on a 100 Watt, plexi-based boutique signature amp. The dual channels span a wide range of EQ and gain settings which make this MICRO PR...
    Art nr. 978472
    1 039:-
  • The ultimate in compact and versatile Californian combos comes to the MOOER MICRO PREAMP range. CALI MK IV re-creates 2 channels from one of the most famous moder...
    Art nr. 978470
    1 039:-
  • Soaring from the flames, the MOOER PHOENIX is a homage to modern, German-designed metal amps. Punchy, dark lower mids, tight low end and gain on tap. The clean ch...
    Art nr. 978514
    1 039:-
  • Harking back to the very early 90’s, the BROWN SOUND from MOOER recreates all the nuances and gainful mayhem of one of the most iconic signature amplifiers in gui...
    Art nr. 972520
    1 039:-
  • This “little badger” is based on a true modern-day classic that delivers rich tones in a small package. Whether it be sultry blues licks or vintage high gain misc...
    Art nr. 972519
    1 039:-
  • It’s almost impossible to think about the origins heavy rock and the roots of heavy metal without thinking of classic songs like “Smoke on the water”, “Child in T...
    Art nr. 854523
  • Based on a Californian modern day classic, CALI MK3 is a session players dream. The clean channel can go from pure clarity to light crunch. The drive channel star...
    Art nr. 854522
  • The model inside this preamp is a highly sought after, hand-built and modified version of a classic American style 30Watt combo. The clean channel is fat and dyna...
    Art nr. 971231
    1 039:-
  • A modern, hot-rodded take on a classic British Plexi. Modelled from a 100Watt tube amp designed by a legendary American amp builder, US GOLD 100 is essentially th...
    Art nr. 971229
    1 039:-
  • Californian classic 100 Watt head, that has been synonymous with the sound of hard hitting, heavy guitar tones for over 25 years. CALI DUAL was created from a sam...
    Art nr. 971226
    1 039:-
  • Modelled after the 3rd version of one of the most famous signature artist amplifiers in history. This is the most recent take on the tone of a guitarist who compl...
    Art nr. 854519
  • The quintessential boutique modern high-gain 100W head. GAS STATION re-creates 2 channels from a German amplifier that really changed the game in the early 2000’s...
    Art nr. 854515
  • A faithful recreation of a 1967 50 Watt British classic. MOOER sampled an excellent example of this amplifier from the personal collection of Tracii Guns in 2017....
    Art nr. 981700
  • The Supa-Lead Overdrive is a dynamic and touch sensitiveoverdrive that cleans up immediately as you lower the guitar volumecontrol. Designed to get amp-like crunc...
    Art nr. POL156012
    1 750:-
  • This pedal’s searing circuit is based on the Jimi Hendrix™ OctavioFuzz, updated and dressed up sharply for the Reverend BillyGibbons with a 7-band EQ so that he c...
    Art nr. POL156010
    2 695:-
  • Another classic returns to the Way Huge bestiary! Just like the original, the Purple Platypus Octidrive MkII combines the burly, buttery tones and amp-clobbering...
    Art nr. POL156005
    1 995:-
  • This special edition of the the Carbon Copy Analog Delay features a lightweight aluminum housing with a metallic silver finish to celebrate the 10th anniversary o...
    Art nr. POL156007
    1 795:-
  • TS9GOLD Tube Screamer, Limited Edition. TS9GOLD är en mycket begränsad upplaga av en vanlig TS9.Förutom färgen är det en vanlig TS9 med allt gött det innebär. T...
    Art nr. UG311396861010
    1 975:-
  • Green Rhino™ Overdrive Mark IV är mindre och mer kompakt än sina förfäder, men den har mer styrka än någonsin i sitt mäktiga anfall. Förutom Volume, Tone och Driv...
    Art nr. POL150562
    1 595:-
  • Aqua-Puss Analog Delay levererar skönt vintage delay och "tape-based echo" med delaytid på 20ms till 300ms.
    Art nr. POL150593
    1 795:-
  • Precis som sin storebror Cry Baby 535Q fast hälften så stor! Levererar en perfekt balans av wah-kontroll och pedalbordsvänlighet.
    Art nr. POL150592
    1 895:-
  • For over 25 years, the MT-2 Metal Zone has been one of the most popular and influential compact pedals in the BOSS lineup, with overall sales that are second only...
    Art nr. MT-2W
    1 580:-
  • Nyutgåva av Electro Harmonix klassiska OP-Amp Big Muff med några moderna förbättringar inklusive gjutet metallchassi och True Bypass. Pedalen har ett saftigt Big ...
    Art nr. 5198007
    1 025:-
  • RC-1: Loop StationSluta leta. Lösningen på loopning heter BOSS! BOSS RC-1 är vår enklaste och mest lättanvända Loop Station någonsin och hur kul som helst att jo...
    Art nr. RC-1-BK
    1 110:-
  • Exakt vad XO står för vet nog bara Mike Matthews men en kvalificerad gissning är att det står för ”extra ordinary”. När Electro Harmonix lanserade sin Nano-serie ...
    Art nr. 5198000
    1 240:-
  • Art nr. 971198
  • I flera år använde John Cry Baby Rack Wah-systemet för att experimentera och finjustera dess många parametrar ända tills han hittade ljudet som perfekt återspegla...
    Art nr. POL150559
    2 650:-
  • Baserad på en sällsynt och mytomspunnen overdrive-pedal. Med en unik kretsdesign levererar Sugar Drive ett brett spektra av klara och transparanta overdrive-ljud....
    Art nr. POL150590
    1 495:-
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